DJ Macedonia Folk Music Productions [YouTube]

Zdravo, jas sum didžej Makedonioa. 🇲🇰

Оживување на звуците на старата земја. (Bringing the sounds of the old country alive)

In 2016 I founded DJ Macedonia, and have since produced numerous folk music remixes which I post on YouTube! I've grown the channel to over 1K subscribers and roughly 400,000 active viewers.
My passion for Macedonian music and drumming started at a young age, and I followed that calling through starting the YouTube channel and production firm.

Svadbi i koncerti

My music has been played by Macedonians across the globe, and has made its way into numerous weddings, parties, festivals, and concerts. Further, I perform locally within the Ontario GTA area for weddings, baby showers, christenings, parties, and other large events.
Text DJ Macedonia (647) 860-4923
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Planovi za kanalot i 2022+

"The goal is to one day have my mixes mastered and published within popular streaming sites for all to enjoy."

I invite you to have a listen on my YouTube Channel, and feel free to share with your friends and family.