Tech is a personality trait for me.

About Me

👋   Hey there, my name is Anthony Ivanovsky. I am a technology enthusiast, content creator, and SaaS junkie from Toronto. I specialize in creating customer champions, producing professional video content, and leading early stage tech firms to success.

It's a digital world, and it's my goal to help growing startups navigate it.

I am passionate about technology, and have been in the business since building my first computer in high school. With a professional background in IT and computer networking, understanding complex SaaS platforms is a breeze for me. This deep understanding of technology, paired with my customer success experience, and creative approach, allows for rapid scalability of the organizations I work with.

Companies I've Worked With.

Strategic Advisor

Tech Center Pro

Technology Reviewer

Carbon Computing

Digital Media Content


Technology Reviewer


My Core Behaviors

I don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our my behaviors.

Start with customers
Practice extraordinary kindness
Be radically candid
Move intentionally fast
Dream big
Quality-driven environment

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